Now you can get free visual effects, XML support, multi-layers, chroma keys, and an unlocked premium subscription in Alight Motion iOS. You must download Alight Motion Mod APK for iOS from this page. 

And, you can efficiently create stunning videos, montages, animations, Audio edits, and vlogs in Alight Motion iOS no watermark. So don’t be sick as a parrot; I’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for you if it’s your first APK download or installs on iOS devices.

About Alight Motion Mod APK for iOS?

Alight Motion Pro is a popular editing application that exports quality content compared to other editing applications on IOS. The user interface suits newbies who want to create professional videos for channels and clients on demand.

In 2024, the digital world will start compressing, and people will find better and easier ways to create content swiftly. 

Therefore, Alight Motion MOD Apk for iOS keeps trending or fulfills desire by meeting every requirement for right-as-rain videos and images because every man and his dog wants an improved frame rate, great pixels, and quality exports.

A new Alight Motion MOD Apk 3.9.0 for IOS will help you resolve all your troubles. Many people use this excellent app today, such as bloggers, YouTubers, DIYers, and anyone interested in video editing. 

Compared to other video editing apps available on the App Store, this Alight Motion app has many significant features that make it stand out. 

Moreover, this application allows you to use valuable features such as filters, visual effects, animations, motion graphics, speed changing, audio, and more.

Technical Info of Alight Motion No Watermark

ApplicationAlight Motion Ios
Compatibility Requires iOS 12.2 
Category Video Players & Editors
Current Version5.0.107.104233
iPadRequires iPad OS 12.4
iPad TouchRequires iPad OS 13
App Cost$0
App DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
App DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
Last UpdatedMay 5, 2024
Size154 MB

How to get Alight Motion MOD Apk for iOS for free?

There are several crucial ways to get Alight Motion Pro for free on all iOS devices by efficiently downloading and installing such as;

  • Firstly, open your IOS setting 
  • Go to Apps & Notifications Advanced special app access
  • Install Unknown app same like android 
  • Click the download button and download Alight Motion IOs APK malware and error-free file.
  • After that, open download mod applications and click the install button.
  • Before installing, you get a pop-up message to turn on this source application by allowing.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation process.
  • After installing, the unlocked alight motion pro featured on the IOS menu.
  • Close the browser and directly open the application and start editing.

Alight Motion iOS Free VS Mod APK

Alight Motion is a powerful video editing and animation app for Android and iOS devices. It offers a range of features that cater to the needs of both amateur and professional video creators. 

While some features are available for free, others require a paid subscription. In this document, we will compare the free and paid features of Alight Motion to help you decide which version best suits your needs.

IOS Mod Features

Vector and Bitmap Support

If you download the modified version of Alight Motion for iOS, you can import and edit vector graphics, and bitmap images, and export them. 

You can design and animate elements within your video using this feature because it will give you greater flexibility.

Advanced Keyframe Animation

In the mod account subscription, you can access various tools to help you create keyframe animations in an advanced manner. A smoother animation can be achieved by creating complex motion paths, applying easing functions, and utilizing motion blur.

Blending Modes

You can blend multiple layers of videos and graphics using the mod version, which offers various modes. Using this feature, you can achieve a wide range of unique visual effects and open up endless creative possibilities.

No Watermark

While the free version of Alight Motion adds a watermark to your exported videos, upgrading to the paid or mod version removes this limitation. This is particularly beneficial for professional video creators who must maintain a polished and branded appearance.

Unlimited Access to Premium Assets

With the paid version, you can access a vast library of premium assets, including fonts, stickers, and motion graphics, which are included in the free version. As a result, you can expand your creative options and reduce the time consumed in sourcing external resources.


Yes, Our Alight Motion MOD Apk for iOS files is 100% safe and secure because this file can’t contain malware and security errors to interrupt your IOS devices compared to other modified apps files.

Go to your app store, search Alight Motion, and download it. This editing application freely installs on your devices, but several quality tools of alight motion are paid for. You’ll pay hundreds of dollars to unlock these tools for a premium subscription.

You’ll efficiently download Alight motion mod apk for IOS from this page if you avoid malware and error-free files that never interrupt your iPhone or iPad.

Conclusion | AM for iOS

Apple users take the best video shots with a camera but can’t edit professionally by app subscription. Also, Alight Motion is an all-in-one editing application that creates cinematic, montages, and animation after buying a premium account. 

But if you’re looking for a third-party way, download the Alight Motion MOD Apk for iOS is 100% developed for IOS users with unlocked features. Here, you get all premium tools and make any video for free.