Alight Motion MOD APK (AM Pro) is a trending video editing App that offers all Premium features for 100% free.


What is Alight Motion Mod APK?

Alight Motion Mod APK is the foremost editing application that allows you to create unique animations, graphics, montages, and color grading for free.

To enhance your editing, you’ve unlocked a premium subscription, visual effects, chroma keys, XML support, multi-layers, and export videos without a watermark than the original version.

So let your hair down, if you’re unfamiliar with the Alight Motion latest version, look over the complete guide before downloading. 

Why Download Alight Motion Mod APK?

Alight Motion Pro is efficiently available for both App Store and Play Store users. But without money, you can’t access their premium subscription for free. The watermark and ad interruption devalue your velocity edit skills. 

Although, if you don’t have hundreds of dollars for a premium account subscription, download the Alight Motion Pro APK from here. Why should you download Alight Motion Premium from here? 

These third-party editing applications contain malware and security errors that interrupt your devices. Download the Alight Motion app from this web page for free to avoid malware and other errors.

Moreover, you can make a handsome amount of money by creating different animations, montages, color gradings, and vlog editing. With Alight Motion Mod, you’ll offer video editing and graphic design services through various freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. 

Also, you can use Alight Motion APK (AM Pro) to edit videos of your daily routines to make your career in vlogging. To summarize, if you’re still skeptical about the app, keep reading to learn more about its useful features.

Features of Alight Motion APK

Here are the following features of the Alight Motion app that make it different from other editing applications such as;

Video Transition

Transition effects enhance editing skills and provide professional videographics looks. As a result, Alight Motion Pro provides multiple video transitions for free.

Also, your videos will be more compelling, thanks to the no watermark feature in transition effects of Alight Motion APK.

Color Adjustment

With Alight Motion MOD, you can adjust the color of your videos and images.

You can adjust colors in the following ways:

  • HSV Colors
  • RGB Colors
  • HSL Colors

Make your videos and images look nicer with these colors.

1000+ Visual Effects

Currently, visual effects are essential for enhancing the quality of videos and graphics.

Alight Motion provides approximately 1000 visual effects, such as shadow, highlights, clouds, color, exposures, tunes, and much more. So don’t miss the boat if you give a classy touch to your content compared to other editing applications.

Keyframe Availability

Keyframes are handy tools to create complex videos or animation by adjusting the layers like opacity, scale, positions, etc in Alight Motion (AM Pro APK) for free.

Blend Effects

By blending mode, you can reduce or increase transparency and color in your photos and videos. Make your visual content more impressive using layer properties like transformations, masks, etc.

2000+ Fonts

Over 2000 built-in fonts can be used to make your content more visually appealing. Also, fonts are critical to grabbing a viewer’s attention. Therefore, you may use any font that makes your content attractive.

Multi Format Exporting

In 2024, specialized editing skills helped to create different videos, graphics, and montages. For that reason, you’ve multi-format exportation, including XML, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.

Bugs Free

Now you get excellent functionality with Alight Motion Mod APK. Because you’ll not encounter any difficulties since all bugs have been fixed in the newest addition. Try its functionality by downloading it from here.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics allow you to draw rectangles, circles, polygons, and other shapes to create professional-looking animation videos or images in Alight Motion apk.

Top-Notch User Interface

Alight Motion app offers a user-friendly interface that sets it apart from other applications, as it’ll work on various mobile devices, such as iPhone and Android, and all devices will be able to use it.

Speed Control

Users can adjust the speed of their videos using the Alight Motion APK. You can create slow-motion or fast-motion effects with this feature, adding dynamic elements to your video.

Create Animations

The animations keep trending over youtube, especially cartoons. Although, you’ve bitten at the cherry to create unique animated videos for yourself and clients by Alight Motion APK.

Freelance Skills

Alight Motion is the only editing application that makes you an advanced editor to fulfill your desire. After that, you can provide high-quality editing services to client’s requirements and earn millions of dollars through freelancing platforms or social media.

Social Media Sharing

You can share your videos or images directly to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., without hassle.

Features of Alight Motion Mod APK | AM Pro

There are several unique features that you only get in Alight Motion modded for free such as;

No Watermark

Now avoid this annoying watermark on your final project with the Alight Motion unlocked version. That result devalues your videos because you don’t post them anywhere due to their watermark.

So you won’t be sick as a parrot, download the Alight Motion Pro APK for no watermark video exporting for free.

All Effects Unlocked

You’ve unlimited expensive effects to convert your content into classy moody looks for free.

After downloading the Alight Motion modded APK, you can freely use and create numerous enthralling videos with all free effects.

Premium Unlocked Account

You’ll be able to access all the premium features of this Velocity edit app without buying a subscription to access Alight Motion Premium. After installing, you get all unlocked powerful features for free. 

Also, users can access many premium assets, including stickers, fonts, transitions, and more. These assets enhance the creativity and visual appeal of the app’s videos.

Unlimited Layers:

An unlimited number of layers can be added to the videos created with Alight Motion (AM Pro APK), no watermark version. Using this feature, you can create complex and intricate video editing, including overlaying multiple elements and creating stunning visual effects.

Ads-free Application

Advertisements provide much information, but we cannot deny their value. A lot of stuff could be better, too. Moreover, ads can burden our devices regarding efficiency during heavy editing, as they reduce their efficiency. As a result, this version doesn’t contain any ads.

Keyframe Animation

With the Alight Motion Pro APK, users can create smooth and precise animations using keyframes. Also, this feature enables precise control over the movement, rotation, and scaling of elements within the video.

Sign up Free

There’s no need to sign in to use Alight Motion mod New Version 2024 because you can use the app on any device without paying any subscription.

Audio Editing

Additionally, Alight Motion APK provides an array of audio editing tools. To create a synchronized and immersive audiovisual experience, users can import audio files, trim, adjust volume, and apply various effects.

No Exporting Issues

There’s no export problem with the Alight Motion pro apk, export all the images and videos in different formats like PNG, JPG, etc.

XML Support

You’ll get XML support with Alight Motion Premium. This feature of Alight Motion can help users finish their work more efficiently.

Chroma Key

You efficiently shift colors from one spot to another with an unlocked chroma key tool. Video editing and graphic design can be accessible and more entertaining with this app feature.

Alight Motion Mod APK Screenshots

What is New in Alight Motion Mod APK Latest Version?

In 2024, Developers update Alight Motion with new features to make your editing advanced by its features. Here are the following newest features introduced such as;

  1. Layer Parenting
  2. Styling Copy & Paste
  3. Raster Transform Effect
  4. Media Browser Multi-Select Option
  5. velocity edit
  6. Pro lighting modz
  7. Motion masking
  8. Motion blur mod

This new version of Alight Motion (AM Pro) has advanced features that make it more efficient and easy to learn.

How to Download and Install the Alight Motion Mod Version?


There are several steps for downloading and installing the Alight Motion Mod APK for free;

  • Firstly, uninstall the official version of Alight Motion.
  • Now download the malware-free mod APK file from our site.
  • Go to settings, and enable Unknown Resources.
  • Wait for the complete file downloading.
  • Open the file manager application to install this APK.
  • You can make your desired content once Alight Motion Pro is installed.

How to Use Alight Motion (AM Pro)?

If you’re unfamiliar with Alight Motion, you should know how to use it? before utilizing its features to make unique animations and videos. First, adjust the aspect ratio, select the black background, frame rate, and resolution.

If you’re doing your first project, these settings are fine: 1.1 aspect ratio, 300 frames per second, and 1080 resolution. Let’s get into some technical terms.


Your device’s timeline allows you to change the layer order and duration of various elements using the timeline.

KeyFrame Adjustment

You can add keyframes to create motion or animation in your project, and the play head shows you the current frame being edited or viewed on the screen.

Add Files

Plus sign is available on the right side of the application for inserting content. Click this to add files, including videos, images, audio, and other content, to start creating your projects.

Layers Setting

The layer editing panel is automatically opened when you create a new layer. In this new layer, you’ve complete control over the layer properties and effects that can be applied to your project.

This program lets you easily create videos and animations for your projects. Get Alight Motion modded apk and become a video editor or graphic designer.

System Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7 or above
Required RAMMinimum 2GB
ProcessorIntel or AMD
GPUOpenGL 2.0 plus support
PermissionPhone Storage, Location, Gallery

Download Alight Motion Pro For PC

If you want to edit your videos on a PC or laptop, You can download Alight Motion Mod APK For PC on our website. You simply click on the download link and then install it on your PC.

Best Video Editing tool for Vlogging

Youtube and Facebook are popular places to share vlogs with your followers. And start posting high-quality videos by creating Alight Motion Mod APK.

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro blogger, both can enhance editing to utilize different features.

Alternatively, you can get a mod APK that unlocks more features and functionalities. Text, transitions, and various effects help to create stunning vlogs swiftly.

One of Alight Motion Premium’s best features is its audio tools. Your videos will be more engaging if you add music and sound effects. You can export your vlog once you’re happy with it. 

Overall, Alight Motion Mod APK is proper as rain to edit your vlogs, create cinematics, intro, end screen, and transition to make your video look professional because the audio embedding and heavy editing tools are off-chance for vloggers.

Alight Motion MOD APK Pros & Cons


  • No Water Mark
  • All effects unlocked
  • Complete Subscription Unlocked
  • No ads
  • Chroma Key
  • XML Support
  • All Preset Supported


  • No Auto Updates are available
  • Not available on Google Play Store


Yes, you can use Alight Motion MOD Apk on your iPhone or iPad. You can check more information about how to download the Alight Motion MOD Apk for iOS.

Firstly, download the Alight Motion mod version from this website. Install the file by tapping on it. But make sure the Unknown Sources setting always enables installing this mod APK.

Alight Motion works finest without an internet connection, and you can create any project anywhere. But to access extra features and share your projects, you need an internet connection.

Since the Alight Motion Mod version isn’t available on official app stores, you may not receive automatic updates for the modded version. However, you can manually check for updates on the source from where you downloaded the APK and install the latest version if available.

Alight Motion offers additional features that enhance the app’s video editing and animation capabilities. There are several benefits associated with the service, including free access to premium features, unrestricted exports, the removal of watermarks, custom presets, etc.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the editing experience is fantastic, with a user-friendly environment. After all, anyone can start their career using the Alight Motion modified apk and become a professional video editor and graphics designer. Alight Motion Mod APK allows you to create videos, cinematics, montages, animations, and 3D graphics.

Moreover, several MOD features, including XML support, Chroma Key, no watermark, etc., make this an even more attractive application. You can earn millions of dollars by providing video editing services on Fiverr and Upwork.